Learn About Mobile on Direct Marketing Day

02 Mar 2012
by Jason Pinto

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Title: QR Codes vs. 2D Codes vs. NFC — How They Work, Why They Don’t and the Suitable Markets for Each

Description: QR Codes and other technologies that link real-world print marketing to the mobile web have been the hottest idea in marketing since DMA 2010, and it went from bake to broil when the U.S. Postal Service ran it’s “Summer Sale” on them last year. Now the USPS is planning to run another summer sale on 2d codes in 2012, but many marketers still have only limited understanding of the technology and viable options for implementing it.

Come to this grounded session to hear the realities of 2D code and NFC usage, including:

  • What’s the difference between a QR Code, Microsoft Tag, SnapTag and NFC (which stands for Near Field Communications, and may be the next big thing on the horizon)?
  • Which technologies are actually being used, and which are just hype?
  • How are they being implemented?
  • Who’s having success with them?
  • What are customers actually responding to and what are they saying about it?
  • What’s the future hold for mobile marketing?

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