Q. How hard is it to create a QR code?
Q. Does your QR Code generator output hi-res files that are suitable for printing?
Q. Can I create a dynamic QR Code, so that I can change the URL that it points to whenever I want?
Q: How small can a QR Code be?
Q: Can a QR Code be in colors other than black and white?
Q: How do I shorten my URL before I create a QR Code?
Q: Can I track the location of people that scan my QR Codes?
Q: What file formats do you provide your QR Codes in?
Q: Can I cancel my account at anytime?
Q: Do you charge/bill on the number of scans?
Q: What are some of the Apps that I can use to scan a QR Code?
Q: Can I include an image in my QR Code?
Q: Do the QR Codes created via your free generator ever expire?

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