QR Codes made an appearance at MFSA

17 Jun 2010
by John Foley
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Recently returning from the MFSA Annual Conference we can assure you that QR Codes made an appearance at the show.

On Friday night at the MFSA Dine Around event, interlinkONE sponsored one of the rooms and QR Codes were defiantly part of the fun. QR Codes were featured on 2 of the posters that were displayed around the room. One of the posters that featured a QR Code had the text “What is the #1 album of all time? Scan the QR Code to find out”.

Click here to see a picture of the poster.

Another poster that had a QR Code on it was titled “If you were a Rock Star…Which Rock Star would you be? Scan the QR Code to find out”. The cool thing about this poster was that the QR Code was coded to cycle through 25 different rock star images so each time the QR Code was scanned a different “rock star” would appear.

Click here to see a picture of the poster.

So how did these QR Codes do at the show? Well we thought they did great and so we have some stats to share.

There were 110 attendees at the MFSA Annual Conference this year.

Poster #1: “What is the #1 Album of all time?” this poster got 12 scans.

Poster #2: “If you were a Rock Star…Who would you be?” this poster got 19 scans.

QR Code on Handouts: we had 2 different handouts at the booth and they combined got a total of 27 scans!

All together we were pleased with how well the QR Codes did at the show and we look forward to seeing more and more QR Codes at the next show.

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