A QR Code Wedding

19 Apr 2011
by John Foley
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With all the talk going around with the Royal Wedding this month, we took some time and brainstormed ways that you could incorporate QR Codes onto wedding stationery.

The first idea that I came up with was the “Save-the-Date” card. Why not have a QR Code on the Save-the-Date card that points your guests to your wedding website? There, they can find out more about the wedding before they receive the formal invitation.

Below is a Save-the-Date card that I created that has a QR Code on it. (Note: Yes! QR Codes can be me created in colors other than black-and-white.)

Another idea for using QR Codes on your wedding stationery is on the response card. Placing a QR Code could allow people to respond to your invite directly from their smartphone. The QR Code could point to a mobile-optimized landing page.

Here is an example of a response card that features a QR Code on it:

Last but not least, another use for QR Codes on Wedding stationery could be on table number cards. You could place a QR Code on each of the cards that could possibly point to a video of the couple thanking their guests or perhaps a photo gallery of the couple.

And if you want to go all out with QR Codes…I found this online. A QR Code wedding cake!

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