Top 5 Things to do with QR Codes This Holiday Season

01 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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The holidays are here and this past year QR Codes have been just about everywhere you look, so I only thought it would be right to do a fun blog post about what you can do with QR Codes this holiday season. Whether you use these ideas in your marketing efforts or just for fun, we hope you enjoy QR Codes just as much as we do!

1. QR Code wrapping paper: Add a little fun to your holiday wrapping paper this year. If you happen to know a printer that is willing to run a few sheets of paper off for you this could be really fun. Create the QR Codes (using QReate & Track of course!) and have them link to some family photo’s or some fun little videos.

2. QR Code ornament: How about a QR Code on the tree? Create custom ornaments with QR Codes on them.

3. QR Code holiday cards: Whether your company sends out holiday cards to your customers or you send them out from your family, this year try adding a QR Code somewhere on the card! Have the QR Code link to a special holiday message from the president of your company or a holiday greetings from your own family…get creative!

4. QR Code gift tags: Once you have your QR Code wrapping paper you need to top it off with a QR Code gift tag! Adding a QR Code to a gift tag allows you to add a personal message or a video that you can share with others. Just a few helpful hints when creating a gift tag with a QR Code on it: Be sure that the QR Code is at least 3/4 of an inch, any smaller and some phones might have a hard time scanning it. Be sure to also make the QR Code a dark enough color (dark green, navy blue, deep red etc.) along with some white space around it to be sure that the QR Code can be scanned with most phones.

5. Holiday sale signage: The malls are packed and the lines are getting long, QR Codes can become very helpful in these cases. Having a sale poster or any kind of signage in your store can be a convenience to your customers. By having a QR Code it might allow your shoppers to scan it and be directed to your online store where they can shop later on or they might be directed to your store hours or maybe even a special coupon for your store.

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