How to make personalized QR code gift tags

08 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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The holiday season is here and hopefully you have started your holiday shopping and maybe you have already started wrapping… but what about those gift tags? Interested in trying something new this year instead of just the plain sticky gift tags that you just fill in the “to” and “from”? Spice up your gift tags this year by adding a QR Code on it. Whether your friends and family leave near or far they will be sure to love a personal message on their gifts this year.

Here is an example of a gift tag that I created with a QR Code on it. The QR Code links to a mobile page that I created in iFlyMobi that is full of holiday facts, a holiday message as well as some recipes. Another suggestion would be to create a custom video message and post it on Youtube and link your QR Code to the video.

When adding the QR Code to the gift tag design I decided to match the QR Code to the rest of the color scheme (learn how to add color to your QR Codes here) as well as adding some white space around the QR Code so that there is no problem scanning it.

So try something new this year and have a little fun with it!

Download this holiday tag design and just insert your own QR Code!

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