IOS 11 Making a Comeback for QR Codes

09 Jun 2017
by John Foley
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A few days ago, Apple released information in regards to IOS 11. The latest update for iPhones and iPads is due to be released this coming fall. So what does this mean for QR Codes and marketers everywhere?

Well, one of the many updates in this launch is actually centered around QR Codes. The iPhone camera will now have the ability to directly scan QR Codes. This simply means you no longer need to download a separate scanning app or take the time to open a different app. You can open right up to your normal camera and have the ability to scan. When the camera picks up on a QR Code you are prompted with a call to action or some type of response.

Now, QR Codes are nothing new. Snapchat has used these codes very effectively. But, besides adding a new friend on Snapchat, many people are unaware of how effective a QR Code can be, or even how to use one. QR Codes are all about ease of access and speed. They are meant to make certain actions quicker. You can easily gain or share information such as phone numbers, addresses, urls, etc. This update solves the problem of having to download a separate app and speeds up that process.

While many may not utilize this update or know what a QR Code is, it does make an interesting thought for many marketers. Consider all those times you have used text messaging as a marketing tool or all those times you have posted links on social media. Now, knowing that your consumer has the ability to easily scan a QR Code in the palm of their hand, sharing information in this format can be as effective as ever.

Keep an eye out for QR Codes to start making a comeback in the next year.

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