Enhancement: Create and Measure QR Codes

25 Nov 2009
by John Foley
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We recently released a new feature to the QReate & Track application.

Registered users can now easily create a single QR Code and start tracking its success within minutes.

From the “Create a QR Code” screen, you will now see an option to “Track this Code”. As long as you leave that box checked, the system will produce a QR Code that can be measured every time it is scanned.

You will then able to see the results in real-time directly from your QReate & Track dashboard.

This feature is only available to registered users of the application. (Non-registered users can still create and download QR Codes for free.)

Here is a screenshot of the enhanced “Create a QR Code” screen:

Create a QR Code and Track the Success

Create a QR Code and Track the Success

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