Is Your Brand Missing a Mobile App?

24 Mar 2017
by John Foley
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If you could name one thing you believe your brand is missing these days, what would it be?

For some business owners, that missing ingredient is in fact a mobile app. As more and more consumers utilize their mobile devices in order to browse for goods and services and ultimately make purchases, it is imperative that business owners are right there with them. In order to be there with them, individuals running companies need a sound mobile app, one which will open up lots of possibilities in terms of bringing in new sales revenue.

That said is it time you added a mobile app to your team?

How to Choose an App

In the event you determine that the time has in fact come for your brand to sport a business app, where do you start?

The best starting point is doing a fair amount of research on not only the various app development companies out there, but also which app is best for your brand. You may end up deciding that the app your nearest competitor uses is the kind you’d like for your brand. On the other hand, you may want something entirely different. Always have the mindset of doing what is best for your brand, not just trying to duplicate what others have in place. As part of your online research for the right app developer, see which ones get the best reviews from those who know apps inside and out.

Those key areas to hone in on include:

  • How easy the app is to use
  • What kind of customer support the app developer provides
  • Customer reviews from other business owners who’ve worked with different app developers.

How to Utilize an App

Once you have decided on which app development company is your choice to move forward with, the work is certainly far from done. For instance, what will your app entail as far as content, imagery, videos and much more? While there are various reasons you’d want to build an app for your brand, properly using the app once you have it is crucial. When it comes to the previously mentioned content, make sure to fill your mobile app with both substantive and relevant marketing content. That content is going to be one of the best ways for you to market your brand moving forward, especially with those millions and millions of consumers using their mobile devices these days to browse for and ultimately buy goods and services.

How Videos Can Benefit You

Along with winning content, also take advantage of the space on your mobile app to post videos. Those videos can range from tutorials about your brand to the latest products and services you offer. You should also look to include videos that will garner lots of hits from consumers, typically those involving current topics of interest (try your best to tie them to your brand etc.) and well-known personalities, places etc.

As an example, if you’re an attorney who specializes in divorce cases, having some links on your app to celebrity divorces etc. is likely to bring consumers to your app. Also look to offer educational videos, webinars etc. that go through the various stages of divorce (finding an attorney, experiencing family court, settling in the best interests of any children involved etc.). With consumers interested in divorce information stopping by, some of them may in fact be looking for a divorce attorney. Now they have more reason to learn about what you have to offer in terms of legal services.

With the popularity of mobile apps only likely to grow in the coming years, don’t be missing in action when it comes to having one on your team, not to mention marketing it. That said, how are you as a business owner using your mobile app to bring more consumers your way?


About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business and technology topics on the web.

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