5 Mobile Trends For 2017 You Must Have In Your Marketing Efforts

23 Feb 2017
by John Foley
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Its no secret mobile compatibility is a must, but it takes more than that. People are constantly checking emails, posting on social media, scrolling through websites, watching videos, etc. 2017 is now almost 2 months in and customer mobility has not slowed down. It’s important to see what people are doing online, how they are engaging and what makes them keep coming back. Here are 5 mobile trends you should incorporate in your marketing efforts this year:


1. Video Marketing

Ever find that your potential customers are skimming right over your ads? Ever think about why Twitter only allows 140 characters? Words are boring. Plain and simple, consumers nowadays are looking for quick answers and eye-catching campaigns. Marketing with a lot of words, while they may be important, are not as effective. Integrate timely videos into your campaigns or online presence. Think about Snapchat or Vine. Those 6-10 seconds are enough captivate audiences and get the point across. After a certain point, your potential customers will simply hit “Skip Ad” and move on. Next time you are creating a marketing campaign, consider adding in “teasers” or short videos to demonstrate your product or service.

2. Live Stream

For most of 2016, Facebook live continued to become more and more popular. Now, most social media platforms, such as Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have “live” capabilities. Streaming live videos gives major companies, brands, or people the ability to connect with their followers and customers on a personal level. Live streaming is a great way to answer questions, share ideas, demonstrate your products or services, and most of all connect and engage with people. These don’t have to be largely planned or time consuming. Having a slow day online? Hop on Facebook live for 20 minutes and answer some questions or share some ideas with your followers.

3. Online Pay & Coupons

Apple pay seems to be accepted in more stores every day and now, with the “new” chip form of payment in most brick and mortars, payment is changing. This coincides with personal apps and online loyalty programs as well. If you are constantly sending out coupons or discounts via email to your customers, make sure they are mobile-friendly. We are passed the days of printing out coupons and carrying them with us. Have coupons that customers can scan right off their phones while in the store. Some companies have succeeded with online pay availability. Some have even gone as far as giving small discounts to customers who order online first, before coming in to pick it up.

4. Wearable Technology

From the Apple watch to Fitbits, wearable technology continues to increase in popularity. 2017 will be no different. Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and can be read across multiple mobile platforms from cell phones to watches. Keep in mind that customers are likely to have some form of technology on them at all times. Consider incorporating these trends into your marketing efforts.

5. Apps & Online Loyalty Programs

Similar to online pay and coupons, having a legitimate mobile presence can go a long way. Consider the case of Starbucks. There loyalty app allows customers to order, pay and gain points all with a touch of a button. What is more satisfying than being able to walk into a store, see a long line, be able to skip to the front, grab your purchase and walk out? Having your own app allows you to order and pay while on the go. Online loyalty programs gives customers the ability to track their rewards and points and not miss out on any opportunities or sales.


While some of these may not apply to every product or service, always consider the mobility of the consumer. Potential customers are constantly on the go and on their cell phones, act accordingly. The next time you are brainstorming a new marketing campaign, make sure to consider these mobile trends and don’t miss out on connecting with your followers or potential customers whenever you can.

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