Quickly View Scans of QR Codes

01 Dec 2009
by John Foley
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We recently release an enhancement to help make it easier for you to view the success of your QR Codes.

When you log into the QReate & Track application, a left navigation menu will appear. It provides quick access to buttons that allow you to generate QR Codes.

But it also displays the QR Codes that you have already created.

Next to each code, the application displays how many times the code has been scanned.


Screenshot from the QReate & Track application

What is the “# codes” column?

With our application, you can simply enter a website URL, and generate a QR Code. But you can also upload a list – perhaps a mailing list or a collection of coupon codes – and our system will generate a QR Code for each unique record in the list.

The “# codes” column will indicate how many records were in that list, enabling you to quickly see how many of those codes have been put to use.

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