QR Codes and e-Newsletters

17 Dec 2009
by John Foley
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When it comes to discussing applications for QR Codes, print is certainly the primary channel where they will be used.

However, I recently saw an example of where a QR Code was used effectively in an e-newsletter.

The bottom of the email contained the typical signature-related information. There was the sign-off, the name, as well as links to social media sites.

But there was also a QR Code.

If you scanned the QR Code with your mobile phone, it would present the contact information for the person that typically puts out that newsletter.

Then from your phone, you could simply click the “Add Contact” button (as long as this is supported by your QR Code-reader software), and the person’s information would be saved into your phone’s contact database.


I think this example helps to show that there really are quite a number of new doors that will be opened thanks to QR Codes. They help to quickly connect people to information – it certainly could be a website URL, but it may simply be your “business card” as well.

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