The First-Ever QR Code Game?

28 Dec 2009
by John Foley
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On Wednesday December 23rd, interlinkONE held its yearly “Company FunFest Party”. The office closed at about 1PM, and then the employees were treated to lunch, music and games.

One game in particular stood out as fairly unique. Yes, it’s true — interlinkONE played “The QR Code Game”.

Here is how it worked:

  • The employees were split up into 3 teams.
  • Each team was provided with a cell phone that had a QR Code reader.
  • The teams were provided with a sheet that had 10 questions, and another sheet that 10 QR Codes.
  • In order to answer the question correctly, the teams needed to scan the QR Code for a clue.
  • The first team to answer all 10 questions correctly won the prize.

The questions were intentionally vague, which required the teams to scan the QR Codes. For example, one of the questions was “What is the name of the person in this image?”. Upon scanning the QR Code, the teams were presented with an image of the singer Susan Boyle.

There were also bonus questions to help teams earn extra points.

If you’d like to try it out yourself, here are the sheets that we used:

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