The first QR Code to Run a Marathon?

21 Apr 2010
by John Foley
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Devin Downer, QR Codes, Boston Marathon

One of the software developers here at interlinkONE (creators of QReate & Track), Devin Downer, ran in his first marathon on April 19th. Devin completed the Boston Marathon in just over 5 hours… I’ll say that’s pretty darn impressive! (Of course, I truly believe that I could beat him in a foot-race if we were running to a buffet.)

Why would we post the fact that Devin ran a marathon? Well, as you can see from the picture above, he did it while wearing a QR Code t-shirt!

He did admit that due to the warm weather, the shirt came off at certain points in the race. But regardless, we are pretty confident that April 19th 2010 marks the first time a QR Code ran in and completed a marathon.

P.S. Devin ran in the marathon bandit-style. If you have any questions about what that means, click here.

Also, we believe that he ran it. Although the picture of the bus in the background is slightly suspicious. Rosie Ruiz, anyone?

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