QR Codes on the Mailer Promoting the InterACT Forum

08 Jul 2010
by John Foley
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The InterACT Forum will take place one month from now — August 8th and 9th, 2010.

We are excited about this show for a number of reasons. For one, our CEO, John Foley, Jr., will be one of the featured speakers. But also, they have been doing a wonderful job using many channels to promote the show. They are using social media…. They are using give-aways… They are using print. And they are also using mobile marketing.

Below are pictures of a mailer that we received promoting the show. As you can see, QR Codes were used to help make the printed piece interactive. Upon scanning the code, people were taken to a personalized website where they could access more information about the show or simply click to register.

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