CANVAS Magazine and QR Codes on Print Advertisements

07 Sep 2010
by John Foley
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In the August edition of CANVAS magazine, we are running the print advertisement that you see here.

If you scan the QR Code, you are directed to a mobile-optimized version of our landing page.  People that simply typed in the URL that was listed on the print advertisement went to a different version of the landing page.

This has been quite a successful advertisement for us so far.

Here are the statistics:

  • 48 unique scans on the QR Code
  • 33 unique hits to our landing page

Yes, as of today, more people have scanned the QR Code than have typed in the URL listed on the advertisement.

CANVAS magazine primarily is tailored to those in the print and marketing industry. Those many of the readers have become more and more familiar with QR Codes over the past year. However, no matter what, this type of response is absolutely encouraging to us!

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