Printers, Self-Promotion, and QR Codes

27 Sep 2010
by John Foley
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PIP Printing and Marketing Services of Iowa City has been a long-time customer of interlinkONE. They recently let us know that they were going to be hosting an Open House at their facility, and that they were looking for some help in promoting QR Codes at the event.  Certainly, we were happy to assist in any way possible.

Below are the results.

As people walked into the Open House, they were greeted by this poster. Upon scanning the QR Code, they were taken to a mobile-optimized landing page on their smart phones. The landing page randomly selected and displayed a picture of a rock star.

PIP Printing and Marketing Services handed out stickers that corresponded to the rock star displayed on the landing page. Participants wore the sticker of the rock star that the QR Code told them they were on that day.

More than 60 people scanned the QR Code at the Open House for this print shop.  They reported that the activity was successful because they were able to educate many clients and prospects about the QR Code technology, and also how it could be used for more practical marketing activities.

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