Using QR Codes on Resumes

28 Dec 2010
by John Foley
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Over the past year, we have seen quite a few “cool” applications for using QR Codes. One of our favorites involves putting a QR Code on a resume.

We saw a recent example of this thanks to one of our customers.

Cindy Johnston works at Sir Speedy in Pittsburgh, PA. Her daughter, Kelly McCready, has recently been looking for a job (Cindy says that she would love for her to work at Sir Speedy, but Kelly is looking to relocate).

Kelly has been utilizing a number of marketing channels to help promote herself in her job search. She has created a Twitter profile, and also a website/blog with WordPress.

But she also has done one other thing that we love — she put a QR Code on her resume.  Currently, the QR Code directs people to a YouTube video where Kelly has the opportunity to visually introduce herself to potential employers.

Kelly, we are big fans of what you are doing, and we hope that you receive good news soon!

(P.S. Plug alert: If Kelly decides to change where the QR Code on her resume directs people, she can do that easily with our QReate & Track application :-))

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