Promoting TV shows through QR Codes

09 Feb 2011
by John Foley
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Everyone has their favorite TV shows that they look forward to each week or they make sure that they set their DVR to record it. But what if you could get a little more information about your favorite shows. Maybe you want to know the TV listings for when it is on next or read more about each one the characters on the show. Well, when I was flipping through a magazine earlier this week I came across two advertisements for TV shows that featured a QR Code right in the corner of the ad.

Now I will be honest, I have never seen either of these shows before but I still scanned the QR Code to see where it would bring me. By scanning the QR Codes I was directed to a mobilized webpage that was full of information about the show. There were links to the cast members, videos, photos and information and timing about the next show. To think that one simple black and white square could raise TV ratings, promote the show and give fun facts to their viewers is pretty exciting if you ask me.

Below is both of the ad’s that were in the magazine and also a screenshot of the mobilize webpage.

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