An Empire State of Mind

01 Mar 2011
by John Foley
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Yes, I’m a Boston boy.  No, I do not like the Yankees.

However, I am quite jealous of anyone that lives in New York City right now.

The Mayor Mike Bloomberg recently announced that QR Codes will be added to building permits throughout the city. How will this help residents? Here’s a quote from the press release:

“New Yorkers will be able to scan the QR code of any construction permit and instantly learn details about the ongoing project – including the approved scope of work, identities of the property owner and job applicant, other approved projects associated with the permit, the complaints and violations related to the location and user will have the ability to click a link that will initiate a phone call to 311 to make a complaint.”

This news is absolutely exciting for the QR community. If the governments are using them, then that help further the adoption of QR Codes into the educational system as well.

In honor of NYC, we are blasting this song extra loud in our office today >>

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