Comcast using printed QR Codes

08 Mar 2011
by John Foley
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Yesterday to my surprise my parents spotted a QR Code! (if you remember my last post about my parents and QR Codes…this was a big deal so I was more than happy!) Almost everyone has a television and most people have cable on their televisions. So with that said…of course you get a bill every month for these sources of entertainment. Inside the cable bill this month was a letter explaining some extra features that we are entitled to and so forth. The only thing that I was excited about was that there was a QR Code printed in the corner of the letter. So I took out my smartphone and scanned the QR Code to see where is was going to take me. The QR Code when scanned went to a promotional video for the cable company. Again, making print interactive!

Below are a few pictures of the letter with the QR Code on it.

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