Loyal Customers and Hot Rods

10 Mar 2011
by John Foley
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I have 2 QR Code magazine ads that feature QR Codes that I wanted to share.

First, I was sent a magazine page from a friend that featured a QR Code on it. The ad was for a company that offers a reward program software that companies can purchase and use for their own customers. But most importantly the ad also had a QR Code on it. When I scanned the QR Code it directed me to the companies website where I could click around and learn more about their program and services.

Below are a few pictures of the ad and website.

The second one I spotted was the ad below. It was a magazine that was in my household that had a QR Code on the back cover. The QR Code on this ad went to a YouTube video of the car that was pictured on the ad. So not only did you read about the car in the ad and see the image of the car, after scanning the QR Code you could watch a short video about the car. It was as though the ad came to life.

Below are a few pictures of the ad.

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