We Loved This: Using QR Codes to Engage Students

21 Mar 2011
by John Foley
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Melanie Wiscount: Teacher whose students have created QR Codes

Melanie Wiscount is a Business, Computer, & Information Technology Teacher at Palmyra Area School District.

From everything that we’ve read recently, she deserves some major recognition and commendation.

Here is the article that caught our attention. If you have a minute, we’d absolutely like to encourage you to read it.

A Few Highlights

  • Students were assigned to create a brief history of local places
  • They created movies based on the information that they found
  • They generated QR Codes so that their documentaries could be accessed by mobile phones

Why We Love This

In the marketing world, we certainly pay attention to how to new technologies and channels may help us communicate and engage customers and prospects.

Well, the same benefits that those technologies and channels provide to businesses also apply to the world of education.

Kids are growing up with tablets, smartphones, and social media sites as their primary ways to communicate. (In fact, I had one customer tell me a story recently about how his 3-year old is proficiently using an iPad regularly!) If they are able to use those types of items while in the process of learning, things certainly may become a bit more interesting and exciting for them.

If we can find a way to put these new devices, channels, & technologies to use when educating students, everyone involved will benefit. Teachers, students, parents, and eventually their future employers!

Thank You to Melanie

Melanie, we salute you for everything you’ve done so far. Congratulations on getting some well-deserved press and recognition on this effort. You have some lucky students 🙂

If there’s ever anything we can do to help you out, please let us know.

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