Snub that Snooty

12 Apr 2011
by John Foley
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QR Codes and wine

It’s a table in the corner… there’s candlelight… your hands touch… now it’s time to order the perfect wine to go with the perfect dinner.

And here he comes, the sommelier. Snooty, intimidating, wearing that funny little flat cup on a chain around his neck… Who does he think he is, anyway – some kind of expert?

While the sommelier is indeed the wine expert, sometimes you need just a little more information and a little less intimidation when it comes to selecting the wine.

See those little codes next to each entrée on the menu? That’s your “virtual sommelier” – QR codes that will make your selection fun and informative.

Chances are – about 50/50, actually – you have a smart phone handy. After all, 90% of American adults have a mobile and nearly half of those are smart phones.

Let’s see – fancy the beef tonight? Scan the code and your browser will take you to a YouTube video. Ah, a friendly face! A quick explanation – why red is best with beef – and some selections you might choose from. Easy!

Or perhaps, fish? Another code, another video; an explanation and some suggestions.

When the sommelier finally comes back to the table, you’ll sound like an expert when your order the wine. Perfect choice… and perfect pronunciation! Congratulations!

Do It Yourself for Restaurateurs

How to apply this in real life?

  • Get out your mini-cam and record your wine expert offering instructions on selecting the perfect wine with each of your entrees.
  • Publish the videos on YouTube.
  • Use the YouTube link to make QR code labels to add to your menu at QReateAndTrack. (A deep burgundy red would be a nice color, don’t you think?)
  • Stand back and watch your customers learn more and buy more.

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