Application Hosting Update: Troubles from Yesterday

22 Apr 2011
by John Foley
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First, we want to apologize to our QReate & Track customers for the inconvenience they have felt over the past 24 hours. It has been a painful process for all involved.

We just want to provide a recap of what has happened so far:

  • A major web hosting provider experienced major troubles starting yesterday. Many websites were affected — including big names such as Foursquare, Hootsuite, Quora, and more. Our QReate & Track application was also affected.
  • Our application started responding successfully again yesterday afternoon. (Woo-hoo!) During that time, people were able to get back into the application and start creating, managing and measuring QR Codes.
  • As of this morning, Amazon is still reporting some troubles with their servers. We are monitoring the situation by the moment. We will absolutely update you as we learn more.

Please be assured that our entire team is feeling the pain of this situation. We certainly do not want our customers to run into this kind of trouble, and we are absolutely going to do all we can to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you again.

For your information, here are a few more articles related to Amazon’s situation:

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UPDATE: 9:26 am Eastern Time

Amazon provided an update a few minutes ago:

6:18 AM PDT We’re starting to see more meaningful progress in restoring volumes (many have been restored in the last few hours) and expect this progress to continue over the next few hours. We expect that well reach a point where a minority of these stuck volumes will need to be restored with a more time consuming process, using backups made to S3 yesterday (these will have longer recovery times for the affected volumes). When we get to that point, well let folks know. As volumes are restored, they become available to running instances, however they will not be able to be detached until we enable the API commands in the affected Availability Zone.


UPDATE: 11:40 am Eastern Time

The QReate & Track application appears to be up and running for all customers now.

We will keep a close watch on additional updates from Amazon throughout the day, but things look good now. Please let us know if you run into any trouble.

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