QR Code Used in E-Mail Banner Advertisements

03 May 2011
by John Foley
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Without a doubt, the primary channel that QR Codes should be used on is print. Whether it’s a postcard, a sign, a poster, a flyer, a t-shirt, etc., QR Codes can help someone to quickly jump from printed material to web content on their mobile phone.

Yes, they serve a very practical purpose when it comes to function and interacting with a piece of print.

For electronic media, the same benefits do not necessarily apply. (Why scan when you can just click a link?) However, there still may be times where you’d want to use a QR Code on an electronic form of media.

Here is one of those reasons — to catch someone’s attention! It worked on me this morning.

QR Code Advertisement in a SmartBrief E-Mail

When scrolling through SmartBrief e-mails, I’m typically looking for headlines or blurbs related to topics that I want to learn more about. However, seeing the QR Code in this advertisement absolutely did one heck of a job of catching my attention.

QR Code in Smart Brief Email Advertisement

No, I did not scan the QR Code with my phone. The advertiser wisely made the QR Code image simply be a link that directed me to their website.

So… while an email or web banner advertisement might not be the ideal (or intended) place for a QR Code, it may be an option worth considering for now. Banner Advertisements need to generate click-throughs — and the curiosity and/or “wow” factor of seeing a QR Code right now might help to cause that action.

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