New Features Released to QReate & Track

14 Jun 2011
by John Foley
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We are happy to announce that we’ve released a number of new features to the QReate & Track system today. These enhancements are designed to help customers better manage, organize, and find QR Codes within our application.

Here is a brief video discussing this latest release:

Here are some of the key items that were included in this release:

  • Ability to create and manage Folders
  • Ability to assign new QR Codes and your existing QR Codes to multiple folders
  • Ability to access QR Codes via the Collapsable/Expandable folders (as opposed to a long list of each code on the left-navigation menu)
  • Inactive QR Codes are now only displayed when you access the “Trash” folder

We hope that you enjoy using these new features!

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