Shopping right from your smartphone

18 Jul 2011
by John Foley
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Just a quick QR Code find that I wanted to share. Yesterday, I spotted this QR Code in the window of the Express Store in a local mall.

Of course I took out my smartphone and scanned it to see where it would take me. The QR Code linked to the app store where I could download the Express Store app. Once it was downloaded to your smartphone it allowed you to shop directly from your phone.

I thought this was great because maybe someone might not have enough time to go into the store the app allows people to shop right from their phone when they do have some free time. This would also help if the store didn’t have the correct size or color that you were looking for at the moment, the app allows you to check their online store to see if maybe they might have it for you. This is just another way that QR Codes can be very helpful in many industries.

Below is a picture of the QR Code in the store’s window.

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