Back to School with QR Codes

19 Aug 2011
by John Foley
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Kids, block your ears — Summer is coming to end soon!

This means that it’s just about that time to go back to school. It means that it’s time to run to the mall for some last-minute shopping. It also means that businesses have a great opportunity to use mobile marketing activities to reach those shoppers.

Below is one recent example of this. On one store’s front window, they placed a fairly noticeable sign that contained a QR Code. The QR Code linked to the store’s mobile website (need one of those for yourself? Check out iFlyMobi >>).

Below is a picture of the QR Code. I liked that they picked such a strong color for the QR Code instead of the common black and white QR Code. (Learn how to add a color to a QR Code here).

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