Will QR Codes Lead the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl?

31 Aug 2011
by John Foley
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There is no denying that football fever is spreading around the interlinkONE office lately. Summer is just about over, the temperature is dropping, and expectations for another solid season from our New England Patriots are high.

Will they win the Super Bowl this year? Time will tell… But if they do, I’m thinking that QR Codes will deserve a Super Bowl ring.

Say what?!

In today’s Boston Herald, there is an article that discusses some of the renovations that are being made at the stadium. Among them, QR Codes are being incorporated! QR Codes are being added in various locations in one of the parking lots.

The article states: “The QR code designs will connect smartphones to videos on Pats history, fan polls and other social media features.”

I do not currently have any tickets for this season, but if I do make it there, I guarantee I’ll be on the hunt to snap some pictures of these codes.

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