Incorporating QR Codes into Packaging

25 Nov 2011
by John Foley
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I wanted to share a recent example of how HP used QR Codes to make packaging interactive.

HP hosted a Lunch & Learn event on a golf course in Washington (Our CEO John Foley, Jr. was one of the speakers that day). To help provide a memorable takeaway to attendees that also fit the show’s theme, HP produced and gave away a box of golf balls.

On the outside of the package, they also included a QR Code.

HP Incorporates QR Code into Packaging to Generate Leads

The QR Code directed the attendees, which were primarily print service providers, to a mobile website where they could answer a survey regarding Digital Press equipment. HP sales reps were notified via email whenever someone completed the survey and requested additional information.

If you would like to see more, we recorded a brief video that demonstrates how people were able to interact with this box. Enjoy!

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