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13 Dec 2011
by John Foley
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There is no doubt that QR Code usage has exploded over the past 12 months. Sure, they’ve been around for a long time. But marketers across the entire world have begun to understand them and incorporate them into their printed materials.

We have seen proof of this tremendous growth first-hand. Within our system, we have customers that have created and are tracking hundreds of thousands of QR Codes through our QReate & Track application.

To help serve customers that have experienced that type of growth — or even the ones that plan on doing the same — we rolled out a product feature this year to help them.

QR Code Folders

The “Folders” feature within the QReate & Track application enables registered users to better
organize the QR Codes that they have created within our system.

Here is an overview of how this feature works:

Assigning New QR Codes to a Folder

When you are in the process of creating a QR Code, you will see the “Folders” field. Simply type the name of the Folder that you would like to assign the QR Code to.

Assign QR Codes to Folders with QReate & Track --- Our QR Code Management system

As you are typing, the system will look to see if you have already created a Folder with that name. If so, it will display them below the input box. If you’d like to assign the QR Code to one of those existing folders, simply select it.

If you are assigning the QR Code to a folder that has not previously been setup, simply type in the full name. QReate & Track will automatically create the Folder and assign the QR Code to it.

Assigning Existing QR Codes to a Folder

If you have existing QR Codes that you would like to assign to folders, that can be done easily as well.

  • Find the QR Code on the left-side menu. If you did not previously assign it to a Folder, then you should be able to find it in the System Default Folder that is named “Uncategorized”.
  • Click on the QR Code that you wish to edit.
  • Click the “Edit” button.
  • On the “Edit Codes” page, you will see a field for “Folder(s)”. Simply start typing in the name of the Folder that you would like to assign your QR Codes to. If the folder already exists, the system will display it as an option below the input box; just click on it. If it’s a new Folder, just type in the name.
    Assigning an Existing QR Code to a Folder
  • Click the “Save” button that is below the “Folder(s)” section on that page.
  • The QReate & Track system will move your QR Code to folder(s) that you entered.

Common Questions

Here are answers to a few questions that you may have about this feature.

  • Can I assign a QR Code to multiple folders? Yes! Simply separate the name of each folder with a comma.
  • How do I remove a QR Code from a folder? Click on it from the left-side menu to edit it. Then, simply delete the name of that folder from the “Folder(s)” input box.
  • How do I create new Folders? That occurs as you are typing in the name of a Folder when you are creating a QR Code. If the system does not find one that matches the name you’ve typed in, it will create a new Folder.

We hope that you find this feature helpful! It’s just one of the ways that our QReate & Track application helps you to succeed with QR Codes.

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