Pantone Color of the Year QR Code

13 Jan 2012
by John Foley
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Every year, Pantone presents their “Color of the Year”. After seeing their choice for 2012, I must say that it is a very nice color! The color is Pantone 17-1463 Tangerine Tango.

Since I love design, color, and QR Codes, I thought I would take some time to show you how to create a QR Code using QReate & Track in this year’s Pantone “Color of the Year”.

In the QReate & Track application, start off by choosing what kind of QR Code you would like to create. In the screenshots below, I am creating a QR Code that will point to a website URL.  Simply type the URL into the text box. Then, give it a Label — this can be useful in the future, so that you’ll know exactly why and what that QR Code was created for. (Also, note the “Folder” field in the screenshot below. That is an option that is available to registered users of QReate & Track to help them organize their QR Codes.)

Next, it’s time to assign a color to the QR Code. Click in the text box next to the “Pick a Color” label. There, you can simply enter the appropriate value of the color (click here to get the color information).

Now that I have my color chosen, I am ready to finish my QR Code! Just click the “Get Code” button — our system will generate the QR Code for you instantly.

After the QR Code appears in the dotted box, click the “Download Your QR Code!” link. Save the QR Code  as a .png file, and then add it to your printed materials!

Here are a few previous winners of the  “Pantone Color of the Year” award. I like 2011 the best!

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