How Lord & Taylor is Using QR Codes on Direct Mail

09 Mar 2012
by John Foley
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When I receive a piece of direct mail at home that incorporates a QR Code, I must admit that I get quite excited (if you were to ask my wife or cat, I’m sure they would agree).

However, far too often, the QR Codes appear to have been placed on the mailer almost as after-thought. Also, a large percentage of the ones that I scan point me to non-mobile websites.

Well, I am quite happy to share one that I received recently from Lord & Taylor that did a lot of things right!

To demonstrate what they did that made me so happy, I recorded a brief video that walks through their direct mail effort:

I think that they set a great example of how marketers can incorporate QR Codes successfully. They provided an engaging and interactive experience for their target audience; and they also helped to achieve every company’s goal — to build their database!


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