Track Your Bud via the Interactive Package

19 Mar 2012
by John Foley
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Thanks very much to the folks at Packaging Digest for alerting us to this creative use of QR Codes!

Budweiser has added a QR Code to their packaging next to the line “Good Times Are Waiting”.

Additional text encourages the customer to scan the QR Code to learn more about the beer that they are about to consume.

After scanning the QR Code, they will gain access to:

  • Visibility into the source and selection of ingredients
  • Budweiser’s seven-step brewing process
  • When their beer began Beechwood aging
  • Which brewmaster tasted it multiple times throughout its brew cycle to ensure that it met Budweiser’s standards

I think that this is a great example of using QR Codes to make packaging interactive and to provide valuable content to the growing population of mobile consumers!

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