QR Codes for Canopy Trees

12 Apr 2012
by John Foley
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Have you ever wanted to adopt a tree?

Well, thanks to QR Codes and your smartphone, it’s easier than ever to do so!

Washington D.C. and the Canopy Tree Project

I stumbled upon this story recently about a program from District Department of Transportation’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA).

In order to promote their Become a Canopy Keeper initiative, they are putting QR Codes on tags that are placed on or near newly planted street trees in the city.

People that are passing by can simply scan the QR Code with their smartphone to start the process of enrolling into the program.

A Few Pictures of the QR Codes in the Wild

Canopy Keeper Program: Tag and QR Code to Adopt a TreeCanopy Keeper Program: QR Code on Tag on the Tree

Click here to read more about this project >>

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