Mobile Tickets, QR Codes, and the Boston MBTA

02 May 2012
by John Foley
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As someone that has lived no more than 30 minutes from downtown Boston his entire life, and that is a big fan of QR Codes and mobile solutions, I was certainly thrilled to read this story from the Boston Globe.

The MBTA is launching a new program that will allow commuter rail riders to purchase and display tickets from their smartphone.

Those folks will no longer need to handle paper tickets.

While this solution will certainly not work for everyone, there are certainly a large number of folks that ride the commuter rail into and out of Boston that carry around smartphones. I’ve seen that with my own “eyeball test”, and the Boston Globe article estimates that two-thirds of riders are currently carrying a smartphone.

To use the mobile option, riders will need to download a specific App onto their smartphones. The app will resemble a T pass and will contain a QR Code that can be scanned by attendants on the train.

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