QR Codes on the Beach

06 Jul 2012
by John Foley
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While many of the QR Codes that we  write about on the QReate & Track blog are primarily used for marketing purposes, we have also run into a number of instances where they are being used to serve the community.

With summertime in full swing, here’s a recent example of how that can be done.

The New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium, The Jersey Shore Partnership Foundation, and the Girl Scouts have partnered up to spread awareness of rip currents along a huge stretch of coastline.

The current plan is to post 2,500 QR Codes on signs across a number of beaches, to help make the community aware of the dangers that rip currents could cause for ocean swimmers.

Upon scanning the QR Code, people are directed to a website that provides educational materials to help the public learn more about rip currents. One of the links that caught my attention was a video of what a swimmer should do if they are ever caught in one:

I think this is a nice example of how a community can integrate print and mobile technology to provide crucial information and educational content to the growing number of folks that are carrying smartphones around.

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