44 Percent Interested in Being Marketed with QR codes

14 Aug 2012
by John Foley
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I must send a note of “Thanks” to the folks at Communispace and Mobile Marketer for helping to make sure that I saw the statistic in this article.

It certainly was not the main focus of the article, and it did appear closer to the end than the beginning.

But it still is worthy of paying attention to:

The Statistic That Caught My Attention

“44 percent of the respondents (to the Communispace survey) were interested in being marketed towards with QR codes.”

A statistic like this can certainly be used if you find yourself in the position of trying to convince a boss or a client that they should make printed materials interactive with QR Codes.

The 44% number is fairly significant. It may represent a fairly influential and important chunk of your target audience.

Do you want that number to grow?

If that number helps to push your company or your client to use QR Codes, it also should be noted that it comes with a sense of responsibility.

If we want people to remain interested in QR Codes, if we want that number grow, and if we want those people to go from the “interested”  stage to one of “scanning” and “converting”, we must deliver a relevant, mobile experience that lives up to their expectations.

If you’d like help doing that, check out our free list of QR Codes Do’s and Don’ts today >>

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