Black Friday Shopping and QR Codes

20 Nov 2012
by John Foley
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Black Friday… Where do you start? You either love it and stand in line with everyone else or you just stay far away from the stores for the entire weekend.

This year with all of the websites that feature the Black Friday flyers, I was excited to see that more stores are using QR Codes. The stores are using QR Codes to either offer addition savings, more information about the stores deals or more information about a certain product that they have on sale.

These are all great ways to use QR Codes and make print interactive.

So whether you are going to eat your turkey and get in the car to go line up for the newest toy that everyone wants, or just stay in bed and start your shopping next week… Whatever you do, we hope that you have a great holiday.

Below are a few of the Black Friday flyers that feature QR Codes.

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