Scrapbooking and QR Codes

28 Nov 2012
by John Foley
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Scrapbooking is getting more and more popular these days. And while at the craft store the other day I happen to spot these very cool QR Code stickers called They are QR Code stickers that you can put on your scrapbook pages and they allow you  to record a message  so when the QR Code is scanned… Your message will play! Now I do not scrapbook but if I did, these would be on every page.

Below is a photo of the product that I took at the craft store. And after going home and doing a little research on these, I found out that they also have a product called “Story Patches” which you can sew onto a quilt or any kind of fabric. Story Patches do the same thing as the scrapbook stickers and greeting card stickers.

All in all I thought this new product was very cool and it is just another way to make your printed pieces (and fabric) interactive!

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