QR Codes Across The Globe

31 Jan 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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QR Codes have been doing a bit of globetrotting lately.

The Codes have been spotted in Rio de Janeiro and China, reaching audiences in an entirely new way. First, let’s stop in Brazil. An article in the Telegraph covered the appearance of rocky codes on sandy beaches.

The city of Rio built QR Codes into the pavement to attract onlookers. Upon scanning, the Codes led to maps, facts and figures about the area.

The city hopes to install 30 more QR Codes in various locations to educate visitors. Pictured below is one of the Codes found on the sidewalks.

At the world’s largest golf facility in Mission Hills Shenzhen, China, the largest human QR Code record was set. Roughly 2,000 of the course’s staff members holding umbrellas made for a larger than life Code. After an aerial photo from 270 above the ground was taken, one of the most unique and sizable Codes on the planet.

The Code, upon scanning, leads to a campaign website promoting sustainable eco-tourism.

Here are some more interesting uses for QR Codes.

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