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30 Apr 2013
by John Foley
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How can you catch the attention of busy, mobile consumers? How can you get them to respond to offers before the opportunity is lost? The answer is quick response codes, or QR codes for short.

You’ve seen them before. They look like black-and-white puzzles or games boards. You may have seen them in magazine advertisements, on billboards, or on the backs of business cards. Although QR codes are typically in black-and-white, they can be created in color, too. They can even include your company logo.

Viewing QR codes is simple. Simply point your mobile phone camera toward the code, snap a picture, and the software on your phone decodes the image. (On some phones, QR code readers come pre-installed. Others require you to download them.) Instantly, you are directed to a website or a landing page. Or you might be presented with a special coupon offer or see a special text message

No need to write down anything or type in URLs by hand. Just stop, scan, and view.

Imagine the possibilities.

Download my free white paper on QR Codes to get everything you need to know about the busy, mobile consumer.

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