Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

10 Oct 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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If you have not been using social media to promote your brand, maybe it is time for you to start doing so.

Social media marketing is a free or low-cost marketing strategy that enables you to widen your market reach, target specific groups of consumers and interact on a personal level with your customers. It is an excellent tool for distributing your marketing message to a large number of people, and it is also very easy to use.

Here are a number of things you should do if you want to use social media to spread your brand.


Proper planning is essential to the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign.

First of all, you have to identify your target consumers and join the social media websites that are most favored by them. For instance, if you want to reach out to consumers between the ages of 25 and 34, the best platforms to use are Google+, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter and StumbleUpon. Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the preferred websites for people aged 45 to 54.

Then, you need to develop a social media marketing strategy that will appeal to the interests and needs of your target consumers.

Come up with content ideas that will generate a great deal of interest and do some research to find out which keywords you should use to get the best SEO results.

Share Content Regularly

Sharing content on social media websites can help you increase the visibility of your business, improve your relationships with your customers and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

There are many ways you can create content for social media marketing, including blogging, article writing and finding or creating images and videos.

Make sure the content you share is interesting and useful to your target consumers and you have fresh content for them to read or view regularly.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Image

Even though you are promoting your brand on several different social media websites, you have to make a point to project a consistent brand image.

By doing so, you will make your brand more recognizable and give your potential customers a clearer idea of your company’s identity, values and culture.

A consistent brand image can help you gain a reputation as a professional and reliable company.

Keep Track of Your Competitors

Monitoring your competitors constantly is a great way to keep your social media marketing strategy up-to-date.

There are many things you can learn from your competitors, such as the latest marketing trends, sources of industry-related information and keyword selection.

Use Web Analytics

It is essential that you keep good track of the progress of your social media marketing campaign.

By using Google Analytics, you can determine the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts and the measures you can take to achieve better results.

Social media has helped numerous businesses promote their brands successfully, and it can do the same for you.

About the author: John McMalcolm is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of subjects, from small business management to article writing.

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