5 Keys to Better Mobile Marketing

20 Nov 2013
by Benjamin Hoch
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Mobile marketing is one of the most important ways to sell and promote products.
With that in mind, think about how often people use their cell phones for reasons other than making phone calls. People use their phones as computers, often researching and then buying or selling products from the palms of their hands.
So why not market to people who use their phones on a daily basis?
Mobile marketing can be an essential link to you and your customers. However, it is critical to understand that mobile marketing is much more than simply attaching a business through mobile devices.
Let’s take a look at five keys to successful mobile marketing…


The first key to successful mobile marketing is to create an e-mail strategy. E-mail is a quick, efficient mode of communication between business owners. If you’re able to use e-mail to promote your products, then chances are they will be seen. The important aspect of this is who sees your marketing campaign through these e-mails. Your business should be linked to e-mails that drive others to visit your homepage. You can also deliver promotional options to others through e-mail. There is little doubt that e-mail is a great way to reach others through mobile marketing on a larger scale.


A second key to mobile marketing is to create an advertising strategy. Promoting local businesses through mobile marketing is successful key to reaching people through phones. Apple’s VIP program allows you to promote your services quickly and efficiently.


The third key to mobile marketing is the use of social media. Social media sites are easily accessed by phone. Companies such as Facebook have announced that they will increasingly be utilizing mobile marketing strategies. This is due to the fact that mobile marketing reaches consumers wherever they are, not just when they’re at home at their work desks. This is a crafty advertising strategy because it keeps your business relevant to the constantly changing marketing world. When exploring mobile marketing you must be aware that content is still the single most important factor.


The fourth key to mobile marketing is the quality of your content. Your content can either keep a customer interested, or drive a customer away if it appears to be spam. The content you create should be unique and it should clearly steer the viewer to your main website or other services you wish to market. Confusing content created in haste will not adequately reach people, and ultimately your marketing strategy can be disregarded if you are not careful.


Lastly, a fifth key to mobile marketing is discount offers. Discount offers are a primary way to enrich your content and make it relevant. People want to feel they are getting the best deal possible. Employ a content strategy that gives multiple discount options, and you can guarantee that your strategy will garner much more attention. When you provide options you essentially place your business in the crosshairs of success.

With these tips in mind, research successful mobile marketers and begin to reap the rewards.

About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on personal finance software, social media, and small business topics.

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