5 Steps Towards QR Code Success

14 Jul 2014
by John Foley
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QR codes provide a quick and convenient way to connect your customers with content or to encourage them to share information with you. But customers don’t just scan QR codes out of curiosity – it’s up to you to make your QR codes appealing and easy to scan. Follow these steps to make your QR codes irresistible:

  1. Have a plan – don’t just randomly use a QR code because everyone seems to be doing it. Know what your goal is – do you want to get traffic to a web page, get Facebook likes, share a promotional coupon or get some information from your customers? Know your end destination before you create your QR code.
  2. Know your customers – what can you find out about the kind of data they access on their phones, or the QR codes they like to scan? Find out all you can so you can create a QR code campaign that fits well with your customers’ existing behavior.
  3. Make the code easy to scan – putting your QR code on a t shirt might look cool, but those wrinkles will get in the way! Make sure your QR code is in a location that is easy to scan – magazines, posters, mail and packaging are popular places for QR codes. Your code should be the right size to scan easily with a mobile, with enough white space around it.
  4. Give them a great destination – no matter how compelling your QR code campaign, you’ll lose out on getting the results you want if your end destination is unappealing. QR codes will be scanned on a mobile device, so make sure your destination is mobile friendly and visually appealing.
  5. Call to action – a QR code needs a call to action. Make it easy for your customer to understand why they should scan your code with a simple enticing sentence. For example, “scan here for your 20% discount code” or “scan here to see why this new car is the best you’ve driven.”

QR codes are a straightforward and cost effective way of expanding your customers’ experience. Plan your QR codes carefully and use a strong call to action, then release them into the wild to do their work for you.

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