Keep Your eNewsletter Mobile-Friendly

25 Aug 2014
by John Foley
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Your eNewsletter is a tremendous way to spread the most relevant and current news your company has to offer. It can be filled with recent blog posts, upcoming events, contact information and more, all delivered directly to those customers who have given you their email addresses.

Of course, many people now access their email directly from their smartphone. This is a perfect opportunity for you to mobilize. Mobilizing content is becoming more and more important as the smartphone population continues to escalate.

If your eNewsletter is already mobilized, then using a QR code is a great way to increase its awareness to your mobile audience. Place a QR code that goes to your latest eNewsletter on a direct mailer or sign, and let people get up to date with your company’s advancements.

Having a mobilized eNewsletter also offers some advantages that a typical eNewsletter email might not necessarily obtain. A mobilized eNewsletter is accessed by consumers who are savvy and make the effort to scan the code. By measuring the hits gathered by that QR code, you could get a very accurate number of readers who truly read your eNewsletter.

Having a mobilized eNewsletter also allows you to insert relevant links to other parts of your business, partners, important articles or resources, among other things. Your eNewsletter should be a brief, engaging tool used to inform and reward your subscribers. You can offer exclusive deals and coupons via your mobilized eNewsletter.

Scan a code, and be redirected to a page where you can enter your email to receive the letter. This works even better on a phone, because they enter their information and then instantly receive the mobilized version of the eNewsletter. Event marketing can also be easily done through an eNewsletter. Have one of the top stories be an upcoming event, with links to the event site, and information on how to attend.

By optimizing your eNewsletter for mobile consumption, you are creating more content for your business on mobile platforms, as well as providing thorough information to promote your company to those who you have already forged a relationship with.

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