Mobile Marketing on a Budget

17 Nov 2014
by John Foley
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If your business’s marketing budget is tight, there are ways to spread the word about your business without busting your budget and it all starts with mobile marketing.

That’s right, mobile marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a massive consumer audience.

With marketing and money matters in mind, here are just a few ways mobile marketing can help keep your business within budget:

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Re-Market It

It’s sometimes difficult to find a successful marketing angle for your business.

However, when you come up with a great campaign that really grabs attention, it’s a huge payoff.

With that said, if your business already has a marketing campaign that works well, stick with it and save money in the process.

Using an established marketing campaign, especially when adopting a mobile marketing strategy, will ensure you are starting things off on the right foot.

You’ll have to tweak your campaign for the mobile audience, but going with what works is always safer than going back to the drawing board and possibly going over budget.

Keep Things Short and Sweet

Consumers who primarily shop and browse with their mobile devices usually don’t have much time to delve into a long-winded marketing campaign.

By keeping your mobile marketing short and sweet, you’ll attract a larger audience with your mobile message.

Altering a standard marketing campaign to work on a mobile level is easier and more affordable than starting from scratch. By taking the key points from your larger campaign and consolidating them to fit your mobile endeavors, you’ll save time and money with your mobile marketing.

Whether you are trying to keep track of your marketing budget or your business finances in general, budgeting on a monthly basis will definitely help. Before you begin running the numbers on your own, look into using a budgeting template.

As the following article shows, with a Monthly Budget Template: Track Your Spending by Month, you can appropriately budget your monthly goals and hopefully hit your required numbers and revenue targets.

Don’t Overdo It

Too much of a good thing in the marketing world is definitely a turnoff, so keep your mobile campaigning in moderation.

Your mobile customers likely have their devices with them wherever they go, so you can rest assured your message is getting across.

Overdoing it with too many mobile marketing messages will only make your customers want to unsubscribe from your business. Besides, if your marketing is engaging and to the point, you won’t need to campaign as often, which is a real money saver.

Track Your Results

To truly get the most bang for your mobile marketing buck, you need to track your marketing results.

By tracking your results, you’ll get a better idea of which mobile campaigns are resulting in traffic for your business and its website.

Tracking your results with marketing analytics will also tell you which campaigns are failing and not delivering your business a return on its investment.

When it comes to mobile marketing on a budget, the pointers above are likely to save your business money.


About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including finance and marketing.

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