Should You Invest More Dollars in Mobile Marketing?

28 Jan 2015
by John Foley
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What are you going to do as a marketer in 2015 to land more customers? You say you’ve tried traditional marketing and social media, but they are only giving you so-so results? How is mobile marketing working for you? Wait, you really are not up to speed on mobile marketing? As more and more business owners are discovering, not being in-tune with mobile marketing is like passing up free money. While certainly not set in stone, the more mobile marketing, and the more customers are likely to come to you. According to a report from the Mobile Marketing Association (in conjunction with IHS Global Insight), mobile marketing spending is expected to near $20 billion this year alone. With that in mind, how much will you invest?

Know Your Target Zones

As with any marketing efforts, make sure you target your audience. While this does not mean that you can’t go after certain demographics that may or may not be interested in your brand, do not be throwing a ton of money around (especially if you’re trying to stay on budget) to segments of the population that are likely to have little to zero interest in your products or services. With your target zone in mind, here are just a few reasons mobile marketing should be a high priority for you and your business this year and moving forward:

  • Consumers on the move – The most notable reason for wanting a mobile marketing presence is consumers are on the move. With that being the case, you can’t simply expect them to come to you, so go after them. While there are still many consumers who take the time to shop in a physical store and/or use a desktop or laptop computer, many more are using their hand-held devices to browse and buy. This offers you a great opportunity via technology to go after them when they likely could be in the mood to make one or more purchases;
  • Rewarding Interest – Of course not all people you target for mobile marketing pitches are going to end up purchasing from you. One great way to grab their attention is by offering them rewards programs. Face it; individuals love getting discounts and/or free goodies. Use your mobile marketing efforts to entice them to buy from you by offering specials during the holidays, on their birthdays and other important anniversaries and more. As an example, if a consumer’s birthday is July 1, send them a mobile marketing discounted offer a few weeks before for a special deal (see more below) on a product or service. It reminds them you’re thinking about them, plus keeps your company’s name in the limelight;
  • Specials almost always work – Finally, have you ever met someone who did not like a special? Okay, it happens from time to time, but it is probably the minority more than the majority. Many consumers in today’s financial world are feeling the pinch, so give them an offer that is all but too good to turn down. Maybe you’re a satellite television provider like Direct TV. You can serve up a package deal with both television and Internet, thereby giving consumers two key items for the price of one. Whether your product is satellite or cable television/Internet service, computer electronics, home furnishings and appliances or one of hundreds of others, look to make specials available via mobile marketing that are all but too hard for the consumer to say no to.

If mobile marketing has not been a recent priority for you, how about making it so in 2015?   About the Author: Dave Thomas writes for a variety of websites on topics such as small business and marketing.[frontpage_news widget=”8263″ name=”Other Helpful QR Codes Posts”]

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