Are You Connecting via Mobile Marketing with Customers?

10 Mar 2015
by John Foley
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When it comes to mobile marketing, you’re either on board, not sure yet if it can help your business, or you’re a tad too stubborn to believe all the news out there that this means of marketing can help your company.

The ways in which to market your product or service have certainly changed to a degree over time.

Back in what some might call the “old days” of marketing, you would send out a flyer or pamphlets, put an ad in the newspaper, and maybe spend a few extra dollars promoting your brand on radio or even television. Even better, you would rely on satisfied customers to spread the word about how happy they were with your products or services.

Well, the times they are a changing.

hand-holding-mobile-phone-with-analyzing-graph-100307702Mobility Means Faster Results

While it is safe to say that some of those older marketing methods certainly can still get the job done in today’s business world, mobile marketing is something your business and/or marketing job can’t take for granted.

Whether you market legal services, satellite television, life insurance, Vonage New Jersey or a host of other products or services, mobile marketing offers you a number of benefits, among which include:

  • Consumers on the move – Before the advent of computers and cell phones, consumers were primarily receiving notices about products and services through some of the above-mentioned means of marketing. Today’s consumer wants stuff yesterday instead of today or tomorrow, so you better be able to keep up with them;
  • Reward the best – Mobile marketing allows you to reward some of your top customers, something that can go a long way in building relationships for years. With a simple text (with their approval of course), you can instantly alert them via their mobile device about any specials, rewards, current or pending sales you have. When you reward customers, most will return the favor and reward your wallet;
  • Ahead of the competition – When you deploy mobile marketing, there is a good chance you’re on par or even ahead of the competition. While many businesses are using mobile, many others are not, so you might separate yourself from the competition in a rather short period of time;
  • All part of the mix – Finally, being behind mobile marketing allows your business to still use some of the more “traditional” methods of marketing. There is no reason (if it is working for you) to abandon methods like email marketing, radio or TV ads, flyers etc. With mobile marketing a major piece of your marketing puzzle, you have the best of both worlds.

As a business owner and/or marketer, why is mobile marketing working for your brand?

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